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Works in Progress

Works in Progress:

Adamantine: Book One of the Mudwitch Chronicles —

When the Mudwitch comes to Adamantine with her army of mud golems, the residents of the remote mountain village become her slaves. Cut off from the rest of the world, they are at her mercy. Men and women are pressed into her service, forced to dig in the mines and make weapons for her army. 

For twelve-year-old Lavender Steel, the last straw is when her father returns from the mines after a months-long absence, gaunt and exhausted. She fears for his life, and convinces her younger sister Marigold and cousins Aspen and Sage that they must escape Adamantine and make the trek through the mountains to get word to the king of the Mudwitch’s invasion. They tell no one of their plan but their schoolmaster Jubal, who offers them a medallion that he says will give them the ear of the king.

But nothing goes according to plan. The Mudwitch’s reach has expanded farther than they knew. The commander of the army thinks they’re lying. 

And the medallion Jubal gave them contains far more power than they ever imagined. It may be the key to bringing down the Mudwitch.

          Status: querying

Mudborn: Book Two of the Mudwitch Chronicles — 

The children are scattered. Aspen has found shelter in the mountains in an abandoned hunting lodge after escaping the Mudwitch, and rescues a woman left for dead in the forest. Sage has teamed up with a band of refugees fighting against the mudmen as he hunts for his sister. Lavender and Marigold are in the king’s palace, being tutored as the king’s wards. 

But the wolfdreams keep coming, and are getting insistent: the monster Rotheart is awake. The Seals must be found. Lavender and Marigold strike out on the mission, seeking to unite the seals. But will they find them all in time? Will Sage ever be reunited with his sister? And who is the mysterious woman whom Aspen rescued in the woods?

          Status: revising

Alpha Flight

The Westing Game in Space.

Status: drafting

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