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About J.M.

J.M. Dempsen has been writing stories from as far back as he can remember. At five years old he wrote his first story, “Serious Black Eye,” about a pirate of the same moniker. At eight he wrote “The Adventures of Sam and John,” a tale of two coins – a penny and a quarter – who became unlikely best friends. “Galaxy Adventures” was his last work as a child: the tale of the crew of the Imperial 5 as they sought to do battle with The Great Eye, the enemy’s premier warship.

Then came the “dark years,” where his desire to be a writer was outweighed by the balance of family and work life. He put it aside, flirting at times with reviving the flame that still smoldered, but ultimately felt like he had neither the time or the energy.

But something rekindled, and he decided to pursue it seriously.

Currently Jesse (as friends and family know him) is working on a series of children’s/YA fantasy, The Mudwitch Chronicles, inspired by bedtime tales he invented for his daughtersHe recently finished the manuscript for Adamantine, the first book in the series, and is revising it. A first draft of the second book, Mudborn, is now in the works. He is also crafting short stories and participating in online and local writer’s communities.

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